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The resort has private vehicles, all marked with the company logo and phone number. All drivers are full time ground transportation employees and have guests’ names on printed manifests.


LOCATION 65 miles Southwest of Mexico City Int'l Airport (MEX) 2 hours.


1,820 meters/ 5,950 feet .


Day Fall & Winter 70 Fahrenheit / Night Fall & Winter 50 Fahrenheit / Day Spring & Summer 80 Fahrenheit / Night Spring & Summer 60 Fahrenheit.

270 Days.

Mid May to Mid October 90% at night. Average Wet Days 10 per year.

(Round Trip)

MEXICO CITY Terminals 1 & 2
  • PRIVATE (1-4 passengers)
  • $425.00 USD
  • $97.00 USD
Direct flights to Mexico City from all major USA and Canada cities

Guided ToursOne of Mexico´s “100 Colonial Cities”

Spa México, All Inclusive Spa Packages México

Taxco $85.00(travel time: 60 min.)

This colonial town is known as the silver capital of the world. Renowned for its picturesque setting, quaint cobblestone streets, colonial architecture and the world renowned Santa Prisca cathedral. There are over 500 silver studios with refined art and bargain jewelry.

Spa México, All Inclusive Spa Packages México

Cuernavaca $140.00(travel time: 90 min)

This ‘city of eternal spring’ is famous for its beautiful gardens, it also offers the visitor some fabulous restaurants, historic haciendas and the Palace of Cortes. Also great for handicraft shopping.


Spa México, All Inclusive Spa Packages México

Metepec $85.00(travel time: 50 min)

This small colonial enclave in the suburbs of Toluca offers a vast array of pottery workshops and stores with additional art and handicraft shopping, noteworthy are also the Town Square and the Franciscan Convent.


Spa México, All Inclusive Spa Packages México

Teotenango Ruins $65.00(travel time: 30 min)

Set on a hilltop, surrounded by panoramic views of valleys and distant mountains. These prehistoric ruins preceding the Aztec Empire are impressive and surprisingly well preserved. Pyramids, temples, a ball court, residential dwellings and more.

Spa México, All Inclusive Spa Packages México

La Estrella Caves $45.00(travel time: 15 min)

These naturally formed caves are smaller than Cacahuamilpa but more dramatic and challenging. There are 440 steps down into the caves and back up.

Spa México, All Inclusive Spa Packages México

Cacahuamilpa Caves $50.00(travel time: 30 min)

Huge grottoes up to 130 feet in height under the Cerro de la Corona are one of the natural wonders of the world. Covering an area of approximately 1.5 miles, 10 of these caves have been illuminated and display fantastic stalagtite and stalagmite formations.

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Ixtapan de la Sal´s Town Square